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After our kick off event for No Mas Plastik... one thing led to another and I found myself part of the committee for the Centro de Acopio ( Recycling Center ). I had originally come to Mexico to work as an environmentalist and started a recycling program in Akumal so I had some expereince in the daunting task of initiating a program. It was great to be in a group of such dedicated people.

Basically there was no recycling in Tulum and we had to start from the beginning. We started fund raising so that we could build the center. After one year we built the center and then we needed to find a way to operate it. Unfortunately, we all have other jobs and the time needed to run the center became too much. We are now in the process of looking for funding so we can continue the operation. We are still collecting materials so please set your recyclables aside and we will take them to the center.

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